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Dumper Truck Danger Dino Diggers

There is trouble, real trouble in Dino Town as the stormy weather has seen the bridge collapse and the town cut in two, but what is to be done. The Mayor Mrs Silvi Saurus is terribly worried and when she sees Stacy heading for the garden centre with a load of large rocks in her truck, she hails Stacey and tells her of the terrible disaster that has come to Dino Town.

Stacy calls the rest of the Dino Diggers to come and have a look at the problem to see if something can be worked out to rebuild the bridge, and very quickly as well. Of course, Tyrone thinks he has the answer, but as you all know, sometimes Tyrone’s plans don’t always work out they way they should and this time is no exception.

The Dino Diggers find that the plan to fix the bridge turns into far more than even they expected and it is not long before they have to work out a way to get themselves out of a great, big, mess. Oh dear, what are they going to do?

Rose Impey and Chris Chatterton have once again created a wonderful adventure story that will hold great appeal to all little ones who love diggers, dirt, adventure, problem solving and dinosaurs in this latest Dino Diggers story.

A Dino Digger to build has been included as a gift at the back of the book, making this double pleasure for young readers.

AuthorRose Impey. Illustrations Chris Chatterton.
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptember 2018