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Ella and Mrs Gooseberry

Ella lived next door to Mrs Gooseberry who always slammed her front door shut and did not seem to be very happy. This worried Ella so much that she finally asked her mother why Mrs Gooseberry was always so grumpy, even though she talked to her chickens in her backyard and grew lovely large tomatoes.

Ella’s Mum said Mrs Gooseberry had lost her love, which was a very confounding thing indeed. How, wondered Ella did people lose their love? After all what did love look like? She he asked her mother, her teacher and her dance teacher, her grandma and grandpa who all had lovely answers as to what is love.

Within this delightfully whimsical tale about grief and grieving, there could be a small issue with the solution to the problem, which may need to be explained by parents or teachers to children, but the sentiment expressed within the solution is lovely.

This same issue can also be used as a discussion point for many of the aspects presented throughout the story, which could prove to be an interesting and informative experience as children do have vastly differing perspectives to adults on so many things.

In this enchanting story, accompanied by gentle and gracious illustrations, Ella learns a lot about life, and a lot about love, happiness and being kind when someone around you ‘loses their love.’

A lovely, gentle introduction for children to help them to understand grief, sadness and finding love once again.

Author Vikki Conley. Illustrations Penelope Pratley.
Publisher EK/Exile Publishers
ISBN 9781925335255
Distributor EK Books
Released August 2019