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Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg: Monty’s Island 3

Book three in the terrific series Monty’s Island is full of goodies, baddies, magic and fun, as well as a little bit of scary as Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg arrive on the Island, much to the astonishment of the residents.

As normal, Monty and Tawny Lion are taking their morning stroll on the beach, looking for treasure that may have been washed up by the huge storm that bought thunder and very big waves to the Island, which was while it lasted, was very, very scary. On this particular morning Monty saw something rather large gleaming from a heap of seaweed and ran across to find out what it was.

It was a very large, well huge, golden egg which was making some very weird noises. Monty soon realised the egg was about to hatch and so he gathered it very closely, deciding that the best place to go was the Café; but Tawny is not so sure about  whatever this thing is: he has a bad feeling about this and wishes he was anywhere else but heading to the Cafe.

As things tend to do on this very special Island, the hatching of the egg sets off a very worrying set of events that sees all the wonderful friends, even Clink, working together to deal with Elvis Eager as he tries to steal the precious contents of the egg; a very strange looking hatchling, all the time pretending he is a really nice guy, doing the right thing.

This hatchling comes with some very ferocious looking flying dragon-like creatures that also arrive on the island and terrify Monty and his friends, which leads to them all too accidentally waking up the monster Hairy Horrible, who is not at all happy about being woken up.

Fans of Monty’s Island will enjoy being reunited with their friends in this latest adventure which sees them all working together to solve what is fast turning into a terrible, scary, dangerous, problem.

Terrific illustrations once again from Lucinda Gifford, breathe life into the daily uproar that seems to surround a tiny little green-and-gold dot, somewhere in a magical ocean far, far away. Of course no adventure would be complete without wise words being uttered by the Laughing Traveller as he turns up right at the very end, looking very wise, as dolphin always do!

Author Emily Rodda, illustrated by Lucinda Gifford
Publisher A&U Children's
ISBN 9781760876999
Distributor Allen & Unwin Children's
Released January 2021