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Eric Makes A Splash

This colourful Picture Book is appealing with bright and bold illustrations and interesting characters. The main character is Eric, the Panda. He is surrounded by many friends and playmates, but his best friend Flora (the rabbit), is “Brave and fearless.” Life is full of different challenges and adventures every day, and the bear and the rabbit explore these together.

Eric is a worrier. He worries about many things, but like most of us, is very nervous about new things to try. Flora does her best to reassure him and helps to play games and pretend he is being a hippopotamus when there is mud, and a spider when he is climbing. Together, they are able to conquer most things. But then a birthday invitation arrives for a pool party. Eric can’t swim, but desperately wants to go to the party.

The author has created a situation where Eric conquers his fear of water, and Flora needs Eric’s support to face a giant slide. This is such a busy book, each double page spread shows many characters, and their activities and intentions. Shopping for bathers is a colourful activity, and the many flowers, insects and birds invite a close scrutiny of the pages. The text is kept to a minimum, and it is quite large. Some words are expanded, and others printed in a different font to create interest.

This is a fun story, but it is definitely NOT a book about learning to swim.

Author Emily MacKenzie
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408882962
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released March 2018