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Fabio the World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective: Peril at Lizard Lake

Fabio, and his trusty sidekick Gilbert, are back in what is perhaps their most scary adventure yet, as they take on the very dark side of trickery and believe it or not, bottled water. But why is bottled water so scary, well actually it is not, it is Gilbert flying his brand new, well brand new second hand plane, that is the really scary part.

One particular day, when business was very slow for Fabio, the world’s greatest Flamingo detective, Gilbert decide to surprise him by doing something very special. So, he and Fabio set off in Gilberts’ lovely, very fast sports car with Fabio trying to guess what was going to happen, or at a the very least where they were heading.

Fabio eventual guess’s they were at the aerodrome, but why there? Gilberts big surprise was his lovely new plane. He wants to take Fabio for a ride which was fine even though this was Gilberts first solo flight, when something seemed to go wrong with the plane’s engine. Despite Gilberts’ best efforts, they crashed landed into a jungle clearing.

A lioness in mechanics overall comes strolling out of the jungle, offering to help them, but they will need to go into town first, so she can get the necessary requirements to carry out repairs. This is when Fabio and Gilbert stumble over the horrifying fact that a town which should have plenty of water, is down to only bottled water and not a lot of that either is available to the residents. What is going on. Something is obviously not right here, as there is a very large dam not far from the township.

As they really do not have much to do while Molly, the lioness mechanic, is getting their plane fixed, they set out to discover who is behind this terrible issue, an adventure which pits their combined intelligence against two cunning members of the criminal world.

Peril at Lizard Lake is another terrific tale from the pen of Laura James with a wonderful series of illustrations from Emily Fox as she captures the heroes and criminals of the plot with aplomb!

Author Laura James. Illustrator Emily Fox.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 978-1408889374
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released February 2020