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Fabio The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective: The Case of the Missing Hippo

All the other detectives in the world of amazing crime solving stories have to move to one side, sorry, to make way for the latest detective on the patch, Fabio. Now Fabio is no ordinary detective because he is small, slight, pink and enjoys the occasional pink lemonade, of course.

Fabio is  flamingo, who really enjoys crime solving but only when he has to and as all good detectives do, his associate helps him out, whom in this team of crime solving heroes happens to be Gilbert the Giraffe, who a bit like Fabio, has some trouble disguising himself.

Can you all see where this is going, because it is leading to wonderfully funny new mystery series created from the highly imaginative and very funny pen of Laura James, author of the much loved Captain Pug series.

As an introduction to this hilarious pair of crime solvers, Fabio is asked to judge the Hotel Royale’s talent contest located in his home town of  Lake Laloozee’s. All is going well until Julia the jazz-singing hippopotamus goes missing. What can possibly have happened to this popular contestant?

Fabio needs to put his crime thinking cap on and try to solve the problem and that is when things really begins to get interesting, as they do with all crime mysteries,  because as in all cases of mystery and crime nothing is as it seems and the cast of suspects gets bigger and bigger.

But as Fabio is considered as the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective solving this little crime should not take too long.

Somewhat reminiscent of the other ‘world’s greatest detective Hercules Poirot’, Fabio and his friends will have their new fans, young and old, in stiches, as they do eventually manage to solve ‘The Case of the Missing Hippo’!

A hugely fun read for young readers, with some great cartoon style illustrations from Emily Fox to add a certain panache to the case.

Author Laura James . Illustrations Emily Fox.
Publisher Blomsbury Child
ISBN 9781408889312
Distributor Bloomsbury