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Fierce, Fearless and Free: Girls in myths and legends from around the world

Lari Don has written down old and new myths from countries around the world, in Fierce, Fearless and Free all of which show how girls and women have outsmarted, oppressors, either by wit, cunning or sheer force. Each of the stories are delightful and show how little these women and girls needed a handsome prince. This is Lari’s fifth anthology returning to the theme of ‘Girls, Goddesses and Giants’.

Myths and stories from Armenia, Scotland, Lithuania, Italy, and China have been chosen and written down along with several others. Many of the stories pass on a message such as “If you want something done you need to do it yourself.” Also, the stories reinforce the fact that it may take several tries to remedy a situation, but perseverance and persistence pay off.

The girls in these stories use skills they have learnt, to overcome obstacles and they learn from the situation they have experienced. For example, in Kandek and the Wolf, the girl never passes an apple to a stranger again, but if they ask for it, she throws it to them.

Interesting and presenting many cultural differences the short stories are fun to read and are enhanced by the illustrations. The appeal of this book is that it will entertain people of any age. It was delightful to read about Medea, Jason’s partner in claiming the Golden Fleece, as well as Bridget and the Witches. This is a great book for sharing and reading out loud.


Author Lari Don
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN 9781472967138
Distributor Bloomsbury Education
Released April 2020