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Finding Granny: We Never Really Lose The People We Love…

Young children confronting severe illness or a stroke in older family members can often be very distressed, finding the situation very traumatic. It is really one of a child’s first looks at change, and the realisation that things won’t always be the same. Feeling angry and blaming the person would be a natural reaction. And this is how Edie feels when her close and loving Granny is no longer by her side but in hospital.

So many things change when Granny is taken to hospital. She isn’t at home any more, Edie and Mum have to visit her each day in hospital, and they have to feed her! That just doesn’t seem right! The doctor explains that Granny’s brain “Isn’t working the way it used to.”  At first, Edie doesn’t want to go in the room to see this Granny. The fiery Granny she knew and loved is gone; there is just a helpless old lady in the bed now.

Some issues are resolved when Mum and Edie go to visit Granny and find her in another room, painting. Granny’s mischievous nature is still present and as Edie sits down to look at the painting, Granny plays a trick. So Edie understands that Granny might be different on the outside, but on the inside she is still a “Fierce lion Granny.”  Children who have experienced sudden changes in their family will find Edie’s perspective interesting.

The font in this story is a good size for easy reading and following. The text is simple and direct covering complex issues basically. The illustrations are quite special, covering most of the double page spread. Water washed paint gives a gentle tone to the front and back covers. This is an excellent discussion starter for young children with older family members.

Author Kate Simpson and Gwynneth Jones
Publisher Harper Collins Publishing
ISBN 9781925335699
Distributor Exisle Kids Publishing - NZ
Released July 2018