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Finn and Puss

The front cover of this book shows a smiling boy and a smiling cat, ensuring that we know that all will be well. The tone of the story is set here and on the first few pages. The first double page spread shows a boy cutting out a paper aeroplane, and has the words “This is Finn.” The following double page shows a cat in a basket. The text says “This is Puss,” At first it seems the simplistic text is not telling a story, but merely labelling characters, but then we see in the following double page that the pattern is set for a minimalist story, ably supported by many illustrations.

 The illustrations are quite striking. Gentle pastel colours show a world from a cat’s perspective which is many feet; with each change of the story, the perspective changes. We learn that Finn is lonely and he finds the cat. In the street, just above his head is a poster showing a lost cat, exactly the same as puss. After Finn has fed the cat and she has played with him, Finn notices the poster. “Finn does the right thing.” He returns the cat to her owner, and trudges home.

 As promised by the front cover and the optimistic tone to the book, there is a happy ending, and a reward for someone who does do the right thing. The illustrations are childlike and show the focus of the story to be Finn. This leaves room for pondering what the child is thinking and what inner voices prompted his actions.

 This is a gentle story, simply told and quietly complete. The hardback presentation is attractive and solid for small hands


Author Robert Vescio and Melissa Mackie
Publisher Exile Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925335507
Distributor Exile Publishing
Released September 2017