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Finn Family Moomintroll

First published in 1948, in Sweden, this children’s book has truly stood the test of time. This special collector’s edition is faithfully reproduced, and sure to please children of today. It is a sturdy hardback, novel sized book which has the original illustrations (done by the author), on the front cover and inside. On opening the book we find a map, which is always a fascinating thing to peer at and unravel.

Living in Finland, the Moomin family consists of Moominpappa, Moominmamma, and, their son, Moomintroll. The Moomins are a family of trolls who live in a valley, in a forest. Trolls are kind and welcoming. They are smooth and have round snouts. They have several guests staying with them and are always ready to put another plank on the table to fit an extra person, and set up another bed. Sniff and Snufkin are two friends who live with the Moomins and are joined by others later on. But now it has begun snowing and the Moomins all go to sleep for the winter. When winter is ended, they will climb out of their window with the aid of a rope ladder.

 There are seven chapters in this book. In the first chapter Moomintroll, Snufkin and Snif find the Hobgoblin’s hat. They are very pleased with their find, and have no idea of the magic which surrounds the hat. Strange things occur such as clouds forming inside the shed where they have put the hat, and their house turning into a jungle. Eventually it is realized that the hat is the problem and so the family have to work out how to get rid of it safely.

 Other characters are introduced. The Muskrat and the Snork maiden help to solve some of the problems that face the troll family. When a boat is discovered, all the family and friends hop on board to go for a sail. They come across an Island, Lonely Island, and it is here, during the night that they meet the Hattifateners. Unfortunately one of them brushes up against the Snork maiden and her fringe is burnt.

 These stories that flow on from the beginning, are imaginative and a little bit scary. However, we have no doubt that things will end happily. This takes us to such a different world, where nothing is as we know it. However, we do know that Moominmamma will always have food on the table and a cosy bed made up, and that Moominpappa can always help with a problem.

This is adventure at its best.


Author Tove Jansson
Publisher Profile Books/Sort Of
ISBN 9781908745644
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released November 2017