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First Day at Skeleton School

Everyone, including skeletons must go to school, but for skeletons, as they love the dark rather than the light, they have a very special school to go to, hidden deep within a dark forest. Like human children they get very excited when it is their first day at school and rattle, fly and float about, beginning to discover what they can learn, especially if they go into a secret passage.

There is a huge amount of very silly fun, as you join in with the skeletons as they go about enjoying their first day at school with Wendy Witch showing off, pussycat falling of the broom and lunchtime having a heap of treats such as snake sausages, beetle burgers and pizza!

In fact they are having so much fun they don’t get a lot of learning done, but when it becomes daylight they must all go home, because it is time for the little humans to go to school and have so very much fun. Probably not as much fun as the skeletons, though!

Written in a totally jingly jangly way, every little human and baby monster getting ready to start school, will have a great laugh and a lot of fun as they find out just what does go on at skeleton school.

The pages are bright and filled with many, many little things to be discovered which will encourage good conversation about school, and why it is really not so scary after all.

Perfect for the little ones just beginning school or perhaps starting at preschool, as it deals with a subject matter many little people find very daunting, in a zany, funny and enjoyable manner.

AuthorSam Lloyd
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedOctober 2017