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The intention of the author and illustrator was to empower children to look and think about nature. They have certainly achieved that. The illustrations and wonderful winding words in Footprint encourage a sense of outdoors and deep breathing.

The story follows children who have ventured outdoors and shows just what they can see and do. While in a canoe on the river one might see butterflies, snakes, birds, and trees.

We are encouraged to BREATHE as we watch a child wander through a field of flowers, with a huge sky overhead. There are rocky climbs, ice water crossings, wild misty shadows in foggy fields. To perpetuate this wonderful environment we can plant seeds, feed animals, and move on and breathe.

The wonderful minimal, intense, and lyrical language that the author uses compels the reader to slow down and immerse themselves in imagining. Looking at the sky, loosing oneself in nature, and being aware of the beauty around us is portrayed.

However, we have a job to preserve that very nature and leave few footprints. To plant a tree, to tread lightly and to care for our animals is a way forward which we all can achieve.

Author Phil Cummings, illustrated by Sally Soweol Han
Publisher A&U Children's
ISBN 9781761180323
Distributor A&U Children's
Released March 2024