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Now Ghosts being Ghosts are ethereal creatures that operate by their own rules, which as anyone who has ever had a close or otherwise encounter, completely understands. Ghosts also do enjoy creating mysterious mysteries which humans delight in trying to understand, often to the ethereal beings delight.

Ghostology The Complete Guide to the Study of Ghosts reveals much information to be to be understood and explained, because over many years Ghosts have been often misunderstood, but as the pages will advise often there was very good reason for this misunderstanding, as in the case of Howling Anneke.  Should anyone go near her former home in Tarrytown, she would shriek and scream until they left. But once Lucinda Curtle, the author of this book, moved in, Anneke learned that not all humans were troublemakers and arrived each evening to help in the construction of the book.

Divided up into specific sections Ghostology is the perfect guide for newcomers to the field of Ghostology, or absolutely anyone who really wants to know more about  ‘ the other side’ and the very colourful characters who still remain to make their presence felt as they so desire.

There are maps, hidden sections, carefully constructed messages tucked away on every single page,  a sealed section that must be opened with great care, things you need to gather to make your own Ghostology Field Kit, just in case you really want to get serious, followed by detailed information on How To Hunt Ghosts!

There is at the beginning, a Letter to the Editor in a separate envelope and at the end a sealed envelope titled Official Documents enclosed for you to discover.

Beautifully presented  there are hours and hours of reading, information, or mis-information depending on who decided to drop in from their eerie haunts to offer advice, help or simply to do ghostly things during the writing and illustrating, to keep you amused, as well as provide a completely new understanding of things that do often go bump in the night. Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Doug Sirois and Garry Walton who did the illustrations, swear they have seen all of these people who feature on the pages!

While Ghostology was supposed to be realised worldwide in time for Halloween, somehow it got a little late in some Countries, but that really has no bearing on the contents as they are relevant to everyone all the time.

So if you have some time left from summer holidays, are in lock-down in other parts of the world and have or can get a copy, perhaps now is the perfect time to begin your study of Ghosts and other mysterious mysteries that are there to be discovered.  But do remember curiosity is a wonderful thing, but not all Ghosts are what they seem, so perhaps proceed with care and if you are sure to get frightened make sure an adult is there to check out the information for you.

Enjoy your Ghostly journey as you learn how to become a Ghost hunter!

Author Dugald Steer, illustrated by Doug Sirois, illustrated by Garry Walton and illustrated by Anne Yvonne
Publisher Bonnier/Templar
ISBN 9781787414976
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released December 2020