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Girl vs. Boy Band The Right Track

The many unanswered questions we may have about teenagers, bands, music and studies are addressed in this young adult novel. It is fascinating to enter the world of serious musicians, agents, and teenagers struggling with school, identity and friendships. For a teenager it would be an informative read and shown from a point of view of a school student.

 Lark is a secondary school student who nearly always has a song or lyrics in her head. In the gym, she is expecting not to be picked for crab soccer and so lets her mind wander a little. Lark’s mother is an agent and well regarded in the music industry. At the moment, a boy band is staying at Lark’s family home, and the girl has written a song for the band which rocketed up the charts. The boys go to school with Lark, but will be travelling to do a show soon, closely supervised by Lark’s mother.

 There is much inside information about the “Family” and how protected they are by the mum/agent. The problem is that Lark and one of the boys have developed a friendship and like all first romances, there is much tip toeing around letting anyone see them together. The themes of romance and friendships at school are addressed, with issues that do develop getting sorted out.

There is much to ponder and I’m sure that many girls will thoroughly enjoy the relationships as well as the musicality of this story. The fact that Lark is an exceptional girl, with exceptional talent will be appreciated, while the problems she faces are similar to most teenagers. Also Lark has to deal with shyness; her solution is to write the music in her head, but not to perform it.

 This is an enjoyable read with characters rather thinly drawn, but the substance does come from the hard road of the Music Industry, and shows how without that natural talent, life would be difficult indeed.

AuthorHarmony Jones
DistributorBloomsbury/Allen & Unwin
ReleasedJune 2017