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Lydia Williams is the goal keeper for the Australian Matilda’s and Arsenal women’s Soccer teams. She loves writing stories about her sport and the wonderful people, or in this case animals, she has met on her journey to become one of the best goal keepers in the world of women’s soccer.

Lydia grew up in the outback of Australia making friend’s with many of the bush animals. When her family made the move to the big City, she had to leave all her friends behind, including the beloved animals she had spent so much time getting to know.

 For a long time she was very lonely until she went to the city zoo and discovered so many more animals that eventually would all have something to teach her about her life as a sports person. As she loved soccer she wondered how, in this new life she had, she was ever going to learn new skills. Her big dream was to play goalkeeper at the Olympics, but if she could not learn anything new, this would maybe only remain a dream.

But she had a lot to learn from Tiger, Bear, Giraffe and Gibbon about learning from her friends, the animals, but it took Penguin, the most unlikely of soccer players, with his fearless dive to help her understand about teamwork.

She also learned that the more she practiced the better she became and the most important thing she learned was that all of her animal friends had something very precious to teach her: Giraffe watched everything (sharing) and directed play from her lofty height, Bear was solid in defence (standing your ground), Tiger used her voice to speak to the rest of the team (leading), Gibbon’s agility was something wonderful to see along with her happy energy (laughing).

Lydia Williams shares her life learning and training to be a top athlete in Goal with a massive amount of fun, thanks to her wonderful friends, who also teach her that no matter how good she becomes, she can’t always save every Goal.

Lucinda Gifford captures all the fun of the game full of wonderful life lessons with a team of larger than life animals who simply enjoy what they are doing, helping Lydia to learn about what it takes to become the best you can possibly be by learning from others and having fun along the way.

Goal is perfect for young children who are beginning to play sport and are learning about being a member of a team, being happy, making friends and most importantly enjoying playing the game.

Lydia’s dream may well come true as she has been selected in the Australian Olympic Women’s Soccer team to compete at the Olympics to be held in Japan in July 2021.

Author Lydia Williams. Illustrations Lucinda Gifford
Publisher Allen & Unwin Children's
ISBN 9781760526146
Distributor Allen & Unwin Children's
Released June 2021