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Some families are lucky enough to have a Grandfather who cares deeply about the environment and his grandchildren. So deeply does this Grandfather care that he is willing to be quite outrageous to bring attention to creatures such as the endangered sugar glider.

He is named Grandbad and there are delightful pages where he asks the children about which words are too bad for him to use. “Is bum rumble rude too?” asks Grandbad……

The story shows how the family and community gather to protest about the clearing of a forest. The sugar gliders which live there will lose their homes and their feeding ability without the trees. After several protests it seems that the voice of the people had gone unheard, and the trees are due to be cut down. Grandbad has a better idea and again is prepared to flout the law for a worthy cause.

The family love shared by this group is great to see. It is interspersed with a love of the environment and the determination to protect vulnerable creatures. It shows how people working together can make a difference. It also shows that being passionate about the environment is not just left to the young but for all of us.

The illustrations are colourful and add to the humour in the story. “Go Grandbad “we say! Information about Sugar Gliders can be found at the back of the book.

Author Penny Tangey. Illustrations Peter Baldwin.
Publisher University of Queensland Press.
ISBN 9780702266232
Distributor UQP
Released August 2023