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Grandad’s Secret Giant

“He has hands the size of tables”, Grandpa said. Billy, his grandson, does not believe in the giant, who grandpa says, goes around the village doing good. In days gone by, everyone who had seen the giant ran away, and so he has learned to hide, embarrassed and ashamed.

 This beautifully illustrated Picture Book focuses on friendship and a loving relationship between Grandpa and Billy. The illustrations are detailed, and set the scene well, drawing one into the pictures. The colours used for the illustrations are muted, but quite dramatic, and enhance the text wonderfully. The pictures vary in size from double page spreads to small oval pictures, two to a page. David creates “his unique, atmospheric artwork using a variety of traditional techniques”.

 The text is well set out with small blocks of print on each page, allowing a child to read or follow along with a finger. The font size varies with the drama of the scene. The giant was “HUMUNGOUS and he was TERRIFYING.”

 Billy has an opportunity to meet the giant, but does as everyone before him has done and runs away. He regrets his behavior, and tells his Grandfather who sympathizes with his fears. However, Billy plans a strategy to reassure the giant, and to make amends. He realises that even a giant needs a friend, and being different is no barrier to a lasting friendship.

 This is an entertaining story with a simple, creative ending, and superb artwork. Friendship and trust are dealt with and fear is examined.  The front cover is beautiful, and an enticement to open the book and read.


Author David Litchfield
Publisher Quarto Group UK
Website http:/
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released April 2017