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Grandmas from Mars

A Children’s Picture Book that tells of a Science Fiction adventure is quite unusual. Refreshingly we find Martians and children have been mixed together in a puzzling, but solvable problem. Grandmas are in charge in most of the houses in the street, as parents have gone to meetings, so Grandmas become important characters in the story as well. Mostly they are guiding or organizing their grandchildren…” Give Grandma a kiss.”

The adventure arises when we discover Martians who have been observing earth. They believe that Grandmas are respected and listened to. Gradually a plan evolves. If they want to take over earth they could do it in the guise of a Grandma, then everyone would do as they were told. First the Grandmas have to be removed, so they are beamed up to the space ship. (Much to Grannies surprise!)  Next, the Martians are beamed down to replace the Grannies. The children notice differences almost straight away. The new Grans have no rules, which are a bit scary, and some have three eyes.

Now things get out of control as the Grannies chase the children down the street. How will they escape? Who will think of a cunning plan to get rid of the Martian/Granny’s? To this fun story we have the added interest of brightly coloured illustrations, which show subtle differences in the replaced elders. It is fun to see the third eyeball peeking out, or the tail protruding under the dress.

The story is written in rhyme, which is catchy and predictable. “Meanwhile on Mars, there’s an awful plan brewing…Look at those ladies! They know what they’re doing.”  Scanning each page for the interesting pictures and the fast paced action will keep everyone on their toes and demanding a read; such a change from, “Homework, a bath, and bed before eight.”

Author Michelle robinson. Illustrations Fred Blunt
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408888766
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released May 2018