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Grandpa’s Noises

Children love body noises such as farts and burps and other weird noise, that can come out of the body at the most unexpected times. It is hard to say why exactly, but they simply do!

When Grandpa makes some very strange noises it is sometimes hard to work out exactly what he means. Is he asking you something, or is his hearing aide busy doing its very own thing, because he has not put in his ear properly?

Through the eyes of one of Grandpa’s grandchildren, the many hilarious noises and sounds that do come from Grandpa are translated into an enjoyably noisy tale about visiting and going for a walk with Grandpa. The many interestingly odd noises discovered on the way, especially when he meets an old friend, and then gets splashed by a car driving though a puddle, make for a fun read trying to recreate the rather interesting words used by Grandpa. What is he really saying to that careless driver?

Bold, colourful and perfectly painting a portrait of a day with Grandpa, the illustrations help to explain the various sounds and noises used, making what is already a fun story into a familiar story for so many small children with Grandpa’s, who are perhaps not as sprightly as they once were.

Grandpa’s Noises is a great read for the young reader with a lovely use of a slightly more advanced of vocabulary and an absolutely riotous read with young children who love to do all the things Grandpa does, which offers a celebration and understanding about life and growing older.

Author Gareth St John Thomas. Illustrations Colin Rowe.
Publisher EK Books/Exile Publishing
ISBN 9781925335989
Distributor EK Books
Released June 2019