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The wonderfully colourful and hugely popular Loppy the LAC is back in his very distinctive red and white stripes, to bring another perspective to those terribly grey days we all have from time to time.

In this wonderful new story Lynne Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan, with the help of Loppy, teach little ones the difference which can be made in their lives by simply doing something very small to change the way they feel, and how that feeling is bound up in how they think.

 Loppy the LAC is having a wonderful day. He is painting a lovely, actually a wonderful picture, full of colours. He is thinking about how the colours all around him and the ones he is using in his picture, are making him feel.  Blue makes him feel peaceful and red makes him excited. Yellow makes him cheerful.

That is until his friend Curley Calmster comes along with a bag full of glasses, which he gets Loppy to try on. Loppy and Curly are having such fun until Loppy tries on the grey glasses. All of a sudden, his fun day is grey, gloomy; he feels miserable, sad and not wanting to go out to the concert that night, at all.

The big, bold illustrations are wonderful to show the effect colours of the day have on how people feel with the change in emotion felt and seen with the grey glasses; the rapid rise in the emotions are duly recorded when the grey is removed from Loppy’s world. Almost immediately he feels so much better, so much so he will go to the concert, after all.

Once again Lynne Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan have combined their talent to create a wonderful medium to enchant, entertain and teach about emotions and resilience, with two characters who are beginning to became rather famous in the world of children’s literature; that of Loopy the LAC and his great friend Curley Calmster in the Lessons of a LAC series.

Great reading and sharing fun are to be had while teaching children to identify how they are feeling and how they can choose to change those grey feelings, as well as thoughts, into good feelings, simply by changing their glasses!

Author Lynne Jenkins. Illustrations Kirrili Lonergan
Publisher Exile Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925335958
Distributor EK Books
Released January 2019