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Growing Feelings

A Kids’ Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids

Growing up can be tough, and in today’s world it is perhaps tougher than ever before, with the massive influence electronic media has on children and their parents.

Child psychologist Dr Eileen Kennedy-Moore and health writer Christine McLaughlin, have combined their many years of working with feelings and emotions to create the perfect book for parents and children, to help them understand and deal with their feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger with their friends.

Breaking the book into sections, contained within each area of emotion are several subheadings, each one presented in the form of a lovely little story with solutions to encourage thinking, accepting and understanding why children feel the way they do with their friends.

Some of the wording is complex, which is where parents need to sit and talk with their children and not just help them to understand, but let them work out the solutions to the issues. Along the way there is a very cheeky cat and dog, who while the best of friends, do see the world through different lenses which adds a whole lot of fun, and helps introduce differing points of view in an informal manner.

Growing Feelings also helps children accept that perhaps their friends have tough times as well and are also feeling upset, sad or just plain in need of time to themselves.

Any parent who finds themselves struggling to help their children ‘fit in’, learn to cope with their developing feelings or simply wants to understand a great deal more about feelings in general, should consider this a must read book.

In all truth, the information is not just for young children and adolescent youth, but for everyone as there is some very informative subject matter contained within the various topics which many an adult need to read and understand.

Perfect for a wide range of children and adults from the age of 10 years, Growing Feelings should be in school libraries everywhere.

Author Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Christine McLaughlin
Publisher Beyond Words
ISBN 9781582708782
Distributor Simon & Schuster
Released July 2023