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Growing Pains

This whimsical little story from Alison McLennan and Melissa Johns, Growing Pains uses the analogy of planting a small tree to tell the story of growing up and how the body, just like the tree, changes and sometime jiggles and aches as bones grow longer and stronger.

Finn wonders do trees get cold and imagines they must because he does, especially when the morning is cold and chilly, even though he is pretending to be a fire breathing dragon. He rummages through his draw until he finds a scarf to wrap around the trunk to help keep the tree warm. Toast also might help feed the tree and sunshine saw him sitting under the tree in case the tree felt lonely.

He also wondered if trees hurt when they grow, like he does but no matter how many times he asked the tree, there was never an answer, until one dark night his nightlight went out and Finn was very afraid. He lay there wondering what the tree would do, and then peeked out of his window. What was trees answer?

Melissa Johns has added a few hidden bits and bobs to her gentle illustrations that will add hours of fun to the story as curious little one seek out the hidden gems tucked away amongst the text.

Charming and fun, the story offers a gentle explanation to the changes that are necessary when people and trees grow up into strong, tall trees and people.

Author Alison McLennan. Illustrations Melissa Johns.
Publisher EK/Exisle Publications
Distributor EK Books
Released June 2021