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Grumbelina is a wonderfully wry, funny and very tongue in cheek look at what can happen when otherwise, lovely children turn into “Grumbelina’s’ somewhere around the age of three and a half to four years old.

In this particular case, Hazel Spratt was a lovable, easy going little girl who was the very epitome of what every lovely little girl should be, that is until she turned three and a half, when at the particular time of exactly nine hours and four minutes past, something horrible began to happen.

A huge GRUMBLE began to form in her gut and somehow this lovely little girl became Grumbelina, the grumpiest, most horrible little girl ever, or so it seemed to her poor parents. She became a little girl who only ever grumbled about just about everything. Oh dear me, what was going to happen.

Parents everywhere will very easily relate to what is often referred to as the terrible twos, or the horrible fours, when their lovely children discover they too can make a significant difference in the home by simply being different!

This well-known personality change has been captured to perfection by Esther Krogdahl and Aleksandra Szmidt, when creating Grumbelina, a book that is guaranteed to be a read again and again story in any home that is graced by small people learning to flex their might.  Lavish illustrations capture the tantrums, as well as the plotting and planning that surely must take place behind that angels face asleep pillow, just waiting for  fresh day with a new beginning, to GRUMBLE some more!

Grumbelina is a fun filled look at life through a toddlers eyes, guaranteed to enlighten all parent of children of a certain, terrible age!

Author Esther Krogdahl and Aleksandra Szmidt
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781869714291
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released July 2020