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Have You Seen The New Forest Unicorn?

New Forest Tales

Have you seen the New Forest Unicorn is a charming and absolutely delightful story about chasing the ever mystical, magical Unicorn; a Unicorn apparently seen in the New Forest of Hampshire in England and a place where the New Forest ponies live.

Set in the spring when the new foals are born, Peewee, Willow, Juliette, Drummer and Merlin became great friends, mainly because they were all born around the same time and enjoyed playing with each other a lot.

Willow, who had heard about a magical Unicorn being seen in the sky, wondered to her friends if anyone else knew about it and if they did, how did you go about seeing this amazing creature. Various opinions were offered but no one really knew.

So they came up with a plan to find out more about this magical creature, by asking all the older Ponies and other animals that lived in the New Forest. The plan was a little bit naughty but they decided that it was worth doing.

What a grand adventure they were to have as they asked one after the other senior animals, who all had very interesting answers, but really were not at all sure either. Along the way they were very brave when crossing a bridge where Trolls were supposed to live.

When they met the Monarch, the most powerful and senior Stag who is the King of the New Forest Sanctuary, they all had to be very brave, even Merlin, who really was very worried. The Monarch, really did think that one night when the skies lit up with sparkles and an enormous noise was heard, that he had seen a Unicorn, so maybe it was possible. What do you think?

Carole Smith has used the medium of the lovely little New Forest ponies to tell a time old story to children who enjoy a really good tale. She incorporates friendship, planning, asking and solving problems within the story. Lovely water colour illustrations from Alexandra Wilson are placed through the story and give the little ponies a real presence.

Have you seen the New Forest Unicorn is the first in a new series for young readers and will become a firm favourite, particularly with children who are pony mad. Reading age range is 6-9 years or younger with a little help from Mum or Dad!

Author Carole Smith
Publisher New Forest Tales
ISBN 9781399956857
Distributor New Forest Tales
Released 2023