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Nina is puzzled by the amazingly strong women in her family. They all work tirelessly at the Animal Rescue Centre. Mum, Aunt Penelope, Gran and Nina’s sister Sarah all combine to show how strong they are. Aunt piggybacks the Polar bear, (he doesn’t like to get his feet dirty,) while Gran lifts the Boa constrictor who is lazy. Sarah practices her ballet while feeding the Brown Bears, and Mum referees the wild boars when they mud wrestle.

Nina understands that the women are proud of their achievements but believes that, after the show they put on, they are tired. She feels that a little help could solve their problems. But how could she help without disadvantaging the animals? This is a tricky situation as she must appease the animals and show the women a better way of living. Thoughtfully, Nina goes about solving each of the woman’s problem in a very creative way.

The font is a good size in HEAVY and some words are enlarged for effect. The illustrations provide the humour which adds to the delight of the practical sentences. The animals (apart from the wild boars) all have happy pleasant faces and appreciate the human intervention. Nina’s job is to continue to provide for the animals but to give her hard working family some much needed rest.

Sometimes adults can forget there is an easier way to manage things. Nina reminds them. HEAVY is a happy and pleasing tale.

Author Dannika Patterson Illustrator: Davilyn Lynch.
Publisher Wombat Books
ISBN 9781761111020
Distributor EK Books/Wombat Books
Released March 2023