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Hop Little Bunnies

Hop Little Bunnies is the perfect book to give at Eastertime or anytime for that matter, as it is full of charm, follows the popular English nursery rhyme Sleeping Bunnies and is just a huge lot of fun.

The rhyme is a simple series of words that when read, will lead to a huge amount of either vocal or physical activity or both, as it has been presented in such a way as to encourage active participation.

The first two pages filled with bright fields and sleepy Bunnies introduces this fun filled story, as there is some debate as to the situation in which the Bunnies are discovered. Are they asleep or are they ill!

The answer to this can be found under each of the secretive little lift up flaps, which also contain a simple set of instructions as to what they should be doing. In the case of the Bunnies, waking up, hopping about and enjoying being out in the fields having fun, should be the thing to do, not sleeping!

Along come the fluffy lambs sleeping ‘til noon, but the naughty Bunnies think they should be awake as well. Eventually the little chicks join in, as well as kittens and then ducklings, who are now also awake, having great fun playing together, until it is time to head home and go to sleep once again, tired from their fun day in the field.

Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes have created a colourful, noisy, fun filled book for little people and beginner readers, which will provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

AuthorMartha Mumford. Illustrated Laura Hughes.
PublisherBloomsbury Children's Books
DistributorBloomsbury Children's Books
ReleasedMarch 2019