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How to Tame a Human Tornado

 Paul Tobin says he has written this book for any child with questions. Certainly, reading this story will produce a multitude of queries and thought-provoking ideas. For Delphine, befriending Nate was something that she drifted into, and once learning about this young man and his extraordinary intellect she is hooked. Nate’s dog Bosper can talk, although he is not supposed to do that in public. The three make an effective team when it comes to preventing disaster in the way of Aliens or just evil people who want to rule the world.

For children who love Fantasy, Science Fiction and Science, this book leads the way. The adventures the three get into are amazing. Of course, it helps that Nate has a Gold Elephant Credit Card, the most expensive one, and that he is able to solve most problems by using science and make incredibly accurate predictions. The arch enemy of the three children is Jakob Maculte and Luria Pevermore, who are the leaders of The Red Death Tea Society.

Fortunately, Nate has built a car (Betsy) who is also capable of talking and action. When rocket mode is needed, she engages the cylinder and uses safeguards inside the car to protect the passengers. The car is not Nate’s only weapon and his ability to predict just how his enemies will react, and precisely what sprays they are using, (Spider attracting spray for Delphine) means he can quickly use an antidote.

This is a story that moves along quickly and has quite remarkable characters. It needs a reasonable level of reading to follow the story and a great degree of compliance to understand the scientific reasoning of Nate. It is told with humour, a few farts and burps and spits, and will engage those adventurous children who wish they had a Gold Elephant Card.

Author Paul Tobin
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408881811
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released October 2018