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Hug me, Please!

Any day is a good day for a hug, but in this book, Little Bear and Daddy Bear excel themselves. In the morning when “The sun was still brushing its teeth”, they went for a walk. The aim of the walk at that time was to find some honey, which they soon found and devoured. They had such a warm feeling that they thought they would like to share it. Little Bear suggested they visit Mr Beaver, and give him a hug. Mr Beaver was quite startled, and asked why they wanted to hug him. “To brighten up your day”, said Little Bear. Hmmmm, it did feel quite nice.

 Little Bear wanted to know if Mr Beaver had enjoyed his hug, and his dad replied that you always feel good after a hug. Well, Little Bear wanted to find many more animals to hug and to share this warm feeling with. They met hares who shared a hug, and a Big Bad Wolf, who was looking for a little girl in a red hood. As the bears hugged the wolf the little girl slipped by, unnoticed. Next to be hugged was an anaconda that enjoyed the close contact very much. The hugging continued until the pair were almost home, then they realized that they had missed hugging someone very important!

 This gentle, hardback picture book is perfect for a quiet bedtime read. The text is well spaced and a good size for shared reading. Some of the illustrations are double spread, and many are a full page illustration, with a half page picture on the opposite page. The Illustrator has chosen muted colours to enhance the story, and humour is introduced in some pictures. The bear sitting in a bird’s nest hugging is charming. The many animals introduced are good for naming and recognition.

  It would be impossible to read this book without sharing a hug or two, or three!

AuthorPrzemyslaw Wechterowicz, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak
PublisherQuarto UK
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedApril 2017