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I Don’t Want to be Small

In this quirky, very funny look at growing up, Laura Ellen Anderson has captured to perfection the frustration felt when everyone else in the WHOLE world seems to be bigger than you.

In I Don’t Want To Be Small a very zany little character looks at why it is simply horrid to be small. She is never big enough to go on the rides at the show, in fact she thinks she is so small people forget she is even there.

Her bother is taller than her and he never seems to have these problems. She gets so mad she throws her beloved Teddy Bear up in the air and he gets stuck in a tree. How best to get him down again, especially since she is so small is the very real issue.

The antics that are formulated are funny, all too real and eventually lead to what is really a very simple solution, based on the very real fact of small and tall and when they work together just about anything is possible.

A simple but clever storyline has been enhance with great characters and artwork, which will usher in excellent discussion with children who consider they will never, ever grow tall, regardless of what they eat, what they try to stand on, or how many times they get very, very cross or cold, particularly when they try to be just like plants in the garden.

Huge fun and a hugely funny story about growing up!


AuthorLaura Ellen Anderson
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedJune 2019