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I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

Now, just how much trouble can one Grannie get into when she and her grandson Harry set out to go to an award giving ceremony. Well, as it turns out, lots and lots as you will discover in Jo Simmons latest, hilariously funny I Lost My Grannie in the Supermarket.

Harry is asked to go with his Grannie, Millie, to an award ceremony. Grannie has won an award for being ‘Caught Short’ and is to get a lifetime achievement award, which is a pretty big deal when you are a Grannie.

Now Grannie is short and feisty, while Harry is very tall for an eleven-year-old so you can already imagine how that is going to look, but Harry, who desperately wants a puppy, has been on a mission to gain puppy points. He makes the most of this bribing his Mum to give him 50 puppy points for giving up his afternoon with his friends.

He thinks it can’t be that hard going with Grannie, but what he doesn’t know, is Grannie has other plans, very different other plans. Poor Harry!

One thing his Mum says to him is ‘Don’t Let Grannie eat toffees’ as it makes her go funny, but before they go to the awards at the Metro Hotel, Grannie needs to get a new outfit, a haircut and a few other things, which is when things begin to go a bit wrong, then very wrong and even terribly, terribly wrong. How, says Harry in a panic could he possibly have lost his Grannie in the supermarket, because he has and even he, from his height can’t find her! And when he does: Oh boy!

Nathan Reed has joined in the fun with his quirky illustrations which just add to the fun as Harry and Grannie, along with a little bit of help from a few others, manage to create mayhem in a single afternoon.

Once again Jo Simmons has created a funny, laugh out loud story that is great fun, with easy to reads text perfect for the 7-9-year-old reader, and let’s face it, even slightly older readers who love a good laugh.

Author Jo Simmons. Illustrations Nathan Reed.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526620460
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released August 2021