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I Swapped My Brother On The Internet

Just imagine! What would it be like to be able to swap a sibling when they were being annoying? Many children would have to stop and think about this as they faced a bit of teasing from their brother or sister. The story very cleverly outlines the potential disasters that could occur if such a situation happened. Maybe you are not as hard done by as you think!

Jonny’s older brother Ted teased him about his inability to climb, and especially when a frisbee was thrown up in a tree near the “Hanging pants of doom!” The young boy was frustrated when he got home and while he was on his computer a pop up called “Sibling Swap” caught his eye. Still cross at the verbal criticism from his brother, he thought “What could possibly go wrong,” and filled out an application form, and sent it off.

At first, when the doorbell rang, Jonny couldn’t believe he had a new brother. But here he was in the flesh.  Mervyn was a sweet friendly kid who enjoyed many of the same activities that Jonny did, and excitedly they made plans. There was however one small hitch. When filling out the form Jonny forgot to tick the box for a human….Mervyn just had to go back; following this first trial, there were many brothers to follow.

Hari was next, but he had a few issues as he had been raised by meercats. By some mistake, Henry the eighth accidentally got mixed up in the programme, and while offering some good advice, wasn’t really a success as a substitute brother. Alfie the unstoppable followed, and was so active and competitive he spun out of control, so he had to be returned. Other unsuccessful candidates arrived, but once again they were sent back.

Jonny was beginning to think that life with Ted wasn’t quite so bad after all. But how would he go about finding him, and restoring him to his rightful place in the family. To do this he needed the help of all his potential brothers, and also Henry.

 The adventure that follows and the saving of Ted is as much fun as reading about the many brothers’ misadventures. A happy tongue in the cheek read.

Author Jo Simmons. Illustrated: Nathan Reed
Publisher Bloomsbury Children
ISBN 9781408877753
Distributor Bloosbury Childrens
Released February 2018