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The beautiful words of Imagine, penned by John Lennon so many years ago, are just as relevant today, if not more so, in what would have been the year this incredibly talented man should have/would have turned 70.

Commissioned by Amnesty International the words of this iconic song, have been teamed with a vivid series of illustrations created by Jean Jullien, to highlight the beauty of the simple and yet poignantly hopeful words, of what went on to become the bestselling single of John Lennon’s career.

That Imagine has been reborn once again, with the blessings of Yoko Ono, as a children’s book is truly wonderful, as the young are the generation who will carry the message of peace, love and hope forward into tomorrow’s world.

Hope is drawn as little grey dove who is traveling onwards, carrying an olive branch in his beak, as he boards a train, flies the skies, takes a trip on a boat, meets with some seagulls fighting over a fish, all the time spreading the message of hope; that perhaps one day, there will be a world where there is no anger or pain, no greed and no hatred; that man is seen as a brotherhood and in Lennon’s  immortal words, ‘ And the world will live as one!

Although the book has been created for the children’s marketplace, it is one which will be enjoyed by everyone who is fortunate enough to be given, purchase or borrow a copy.

The colourful illustrations will appeal to little ones, the story line is such that here is much to enjoy and discuss on a wide range of topics.

The words are as fresh today as they were in 1971, the message sadly still needing to be heard.  The hope that a new generation may eventually live in a free, fresh, new world where fairness, truth, love, equality and safety, are the values held in trust by society, is an enduring message penned by a musician who spent the last years of his life, openly campaigning for Peace.

Imagine was powerful statement then, it is still a powerful statement today.

AuthorJohn Lennon, Yoko Ono Lennon, Amnesty International illustrated by Jean Jullien
PublisherFrances Lincoln Children's Books
DistributorFrances Lincoln Books
ReleasedSeptember 2017