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It’s OK to Cry

It’s OK To Cry is one of the valuable books for children that can be read with an adult (allowing discussion) or read alone and thought about. So many children are unable to identify and name specific feelings that it is no wonder that they cannot solve issues that arise from these. Even the happiest children will feel disappointed, cranky, or cross at some time; to identify why and what they can do is hugely important.

The hard-back picture book is immediately appealing because of the bright colours and intermittent illustrations. The Contents page talks about Boy’s and emotions, then lists different Feelings, with lastly “Things you can do to cope.”  The author suggests that society and things such as ads on TV and books can pass on messages to boys that they have to be tough. I think that there are equally damaging messages for girls, but the author does address this later.

The next part of the book gets children to identify and name feelings they have “Dog poo on your shoe. Disgusting!”  When your pencil breaks all the time, you feel Irritated. When you are lost, you are feeling distressed.

When the reader can identify emotions, there is a page on “Steps you can take to help you deal with uncomfortable feelings.” These recommend that the child talks to someone to explain how they feel, or if they are angry with another child explain why they are cross. To end this segment there is a page of notes for parents and carers.  The tips given here are worthwhile and solid. They are a good foundation for young children to build upon.

Author Molly Potter. Illustrator Sarah Jennings.
Publisher Featherstone
ISBN 9781472942425
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released July 2020