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Jingle Smells

This lovely Christmas picture book, Jingle Smells has enough sparkles and smiles to make for very happy Christmas reading. The illustrations are large and depict the cold snowy lands where snowmen and racoons live. The text is rhyming and simple with large and small font to create interest. One double page spread is sideways for effect.

The main character in this tale is Jingle, a skunk, who says “It’s best to hold your nose whenever I pass by.” He seems to have the knack of creating havoc when he passes by, even ensuring the local Christmas Tree falls down. Sadly, he is just about to leave town when he hears a cry for help and notices a reindeer in distress on a rooftop. Finally, Jingle can be of assistance!

While showing that even the most unusual characteristics can be helpful, Jingle is also aware that he needs to warn people when he is approaching. He is delighted to be accepted and accommodated.

This is such a happy story to share and enjoy. Children will certainly be smiling when this book is read.

Author Mark Sperring; Illustrations Sophie Corrigan.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526636812
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released November 2021