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Lemonade Jones

For a young reader starting out with first books, this is a good story, and a good way to begin enjoying what you are reading. The young girl who is the main character, is a confident young student about to begin her first day in Grade one, at a new school. Her old school has closed. Being confident and knowledgeable about the school system, and with her home values firmly in place, what could possibly go wrong.

As the story evolves she learns that different rules apply in different places, and that being truthful isn’t always the best way. Her questioning mind queries why the quiet chair is called that, if you have to go there if you are noisy. So many questions to think about, so many new things to attend to, and all the time knowing that a pesky baby brother is at home with Mum. A wonderful teacher shows a great deal of understanding and patience to Lemonade, who in turn agrees that the best thing about a new day is starting afresh.

The second story in the book deals with Lemonade’s birthday party. She has discovered a zoo that will come to your party and display the animals. Her disappointment when she sees what the zookeeper has brought is keen. However, something needs to be done, and she is the girl to do it to impress her party guests. With animals escaping, the cat being rescued by the Fire Brigade, and Mum tripping over with the Birthday Cake, with the party guest having a wonderful time. Almost everybody is happy, and some just plain exhausted.

These two stories are delightful to read, and the illustrations break up the text. The font size is just right for young readers, while the messages behind the story are clear. Everyone is different, and we all seek to solve problems in our own way. (Some better than others), but Lemonade Jones is certainly Not going to give up and will use her imagination to bring solutions to a problem.



Author Davina Bell, illustrated by Karen Blair
Publisher Allen and Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781925266733
Distributor A & U Childrens
Released September 2018