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Little Owl’s Bathtime

Little Owl is creating such a fuss about having a bath. He does not want to stop playing King of the castle with his best friend Hedge, even though it is beginning to get dark. He is very dirty as being a brave knight defending King Hedges Castle in the garden is very dirty work. Mum wants him to come inside and of course, Little Owl does not want to go.

He comes up with so many reasons why he does not need to come inside for his bath; his Mother comes up with some very excellent reasons why he needs to, such as playing with Puffle! Who is Puffle asks Little Owl? But no matter what enticement is offered bath time is not going well, until a giant invisible penguin comes to play in the bath, bubbles and all.

Little Owl’s Bathtime is a hugely flamboyant romp around the often challenging evening event of bath time, as it signals the end of a fun filled day that most little people give up with great regret. Little Owl though is not going to give in too easily, because even after he is finally clean and warm with the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows, he still has to go out and get Hedge and a very special dragon to come inside and get ready for bed.

Large pages, vibrant illustrations with an oh so very true story line from the creators of the Little Owl series, Deb Gliori and Alison Brown, absolutely captures the chaos of bath time, making a perfect end of day book for little people everywhere and their parents, who are often  happy to have another bath time safely behind them.

Author Deb Gliori. Illustrations Alison Brown.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released February 2021