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Lola Dutch Is A Little Bit Much

The authors have captured the enthusiasm, and love of life that many exuberant children have. For those lucky enough to have materials at hand, cooking ingredients, paints, books and toys, the experiments and fun can be explored. Parents who can stand back, and watch a little (big) mess be created, and see their children discover the joy of creativity, understand how important this is for a happy childhood development.

Lola certainly has a great capacity for creating and making. Her faithful companion, bear, who is much more conservative, (and possibly represents the parental figures), watches on. In the morning, he feels like tea and toast, but Lola has “Grander ideas for breakfast.” She cooks grits and gravy for Gator, pastries and hot cocoa with marshmallows for pig, and crepes and cream for crane. The feast is happily shared by all, on a fantastically set table. The best part of this is the following page, showing Lola washing the dishes.

 After the cooking stint, Lola and bear visit the Library, and Lola discovers the great artists. Of course, this presents a challenge, so it’s off home with a pile of books to prepare her own masterpiece. The brushes, paint and canvasses are prepared, and the works of art flow from her brush. Bear does convince the busy girl that it is bed time, and after a bath and a story, it is time for bed. But still one can’t just sleep in an ordinary bed; one needs something a little special. After a last burst of activity, Lola does retire to her bed, with a special hug for bear.

 You can feel the vibrant energy emanating from this child. The story is written with an intimate knowledge of how children think, and how they spontaneously will explore and flourish if given the tools, time and space. The illustrations are delightful, and the matt cover of the book, with a shiny Lola on the front, is appealing. The double page spread of illustrations is colourful, and adds to the scant text. The illustrations add humour and warmth to a story that bounces off the page, and is wonderful to read aloud.



Author Kenneeth Wright. Illustrated Sarah Jane Wright
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408886250
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released February 2018