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Macavity – The Mystery Cat

Macavity the Cat is back entertaining children with his naughtiness, 75 years after first being born as a very naughty cat who somehow was never at the scene of his crime, no matter how hard they tried to catch him.

This is a timeless tale of a cat who always seemed to be somewhere else when things seem to go mysteriously missing.

He appeared to all and sundry as a respectable cat; that he was not as bad as they all said. But was Macavity really a very smooth operator who controlled a den of cat thrives or was he, as he appeared to be, just a loveable rogue of a cat?

This is a fun filled yarn which will engage children of all ages in trying figure out just what Macavity was really up to as he slowly works his way across the pages, baffling all who try to catch him in his work.

The colourful illustrations encourage children to turn the next page to find out what is going to happen, enticing them to work out whether Macavity has again given the law the slip, or maybe this time, he has been caught red-paw-ed!

It’s a timeless story, fun filled and as totally engaging now, as it was when it was first written by TS Eliot in 1939. The modern style of illustration only enhances the story.

AuthorTS Eliot Ill: Arthur Robins