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Magic Animal Rescue 1: Maggie and the Flying Horse

Maggie lives in a time when magic was everywhere if only you cared to look; evil was also everywhere and sometimes, especially when you were not looking, trolls and goblins came around causing problems and terrible mischief.

Unicorns were also a part of the magic so when Maggie came across a unicorn that needed some help to get brambles out of his mane, she overcame her shyness, sitting down in the paddock and slowly combing them out.

Her step-brother Peter was calling her name, so the unicorn fled back into the forest; Maggie gathered the bucket she had been asked to collect water in from the stream and walked back up to her father’s house. Peter, her step-brother, is not very nice and always wants to do mischief to Maggie. His mother always believes everything he says so Maggie’s home is not a very happy one, as her Father is away cutting wood and will not be home for a long time.

Maggie accidentally hurts a tiny horse fly, breaking its very tiny little wing, and sets out to find a man called Bob, whom her grandmother always told her, could heal wounded magical creatures. Along the way she almost gets into trouble with a truly horrible Troll, and ghastly goblins chase her, but magic and good luck, finally bring her to the place where Bob lives. Bob teaches her about magic, wonderful creature and a little about herself.

In the final chapters of the book there are descriptions of Horsefly’s, Griffins and Trolls just to make sure, that when you are out walking in the Enchanted Forest you know what to look out for, just make sure to always avoid the Trolls.

This is the first book in a new series about magic, magical things and of course Unicorns which will delight the heart of every little girl, who has ever dreamed about magic.

AuthorE.D. Baker Illustrations Lisa Manuzak
PublisherBloomsbury USA Children
DistributorBloomsbury USA Childrens