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Marge and the secret tunnel

Only Marge would encourage Jemima and Jakey to crawl into a secret tunnel to finds out what is at the end, and then getting them all locked in the shopping centre because they end up having too much fun, or setting out on a mission to find their new friend and neighbour Angie’s, lost kitten.

Yes, Marge is in charge once again in a new series of adventures to keep you guessing right up until the very last word and perfect for winter time reading, as Isla Fischer and Eglantine Ceulemans get together once again to create the perfect antidote to boredom.

Whenever Marge is around with her rainbow coloured hair and quirky dress style you can be sure there is adventure afoot.

This time though it gets a little more intriguing than the last series of adventures as they all crawl into a tunnel that somehow mysteriously appears in the garden and discover a trail of clues, which of course they simply must follow.

And then Mum, who hates taking Jakey to buy new shoes, because he usually throws a HUGE tantrum, enlists Marge to take Jemima and Jakey shopping to get ready for school, as she has a very bad cold. And that is when the fun begins as the outing starts off very well but goes downhill fast as once again Jakey decides shopping is not his thing.

A really massive adventure happens when Angie’s kitten gets lost and is discovered high up in the tree, which sees the best ever adventure, at least according to Jakey, when Marge and a dish of lasagne became stuck up the tree as well. The Fire Department had to be called in to help out, which got them all a ride in the fire engine to finish the adventure off very well indeed.

Another hugely fun read from Fisher and Cleulemans to delight young reader’s sense of fun and adventure.

Author Isla Fischer. Illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans
Publisher Bonnier/Piccadilly Books
ISBN 9781848127333
Distributor Allen and Unwin Childrens
Released June 2017