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Meesha Makes Friends A Big Bright Feelings Book

Meesha Makes Friends tackles the time old problem of making friends, which is always a challenging issue regardless of how old you may be, or whatever the reason is that sees you looking for new friends. Perhaps you have moved countries, towns or schools.

With his usual flair and aplomb Tom Percival, along with his new friend Meesha, take a look at this really, really difficult thing to do: make friends.

Poor Meesha does not seem to be able to make friends at her new school. She really doesn’t seem to know how to go about saying the right things, or even doing the right thing; somehow it always seems to go wrong.

But the one thing she is very good at is making things. Meesha loves to make pictures out of numbers, or pictures out of sounds, sometimes even both, but making friends, well that is really hard, until she gets a great idea, to make her own friends; friends she can take everywhere with her an never feel lonely.

One day she is invited to a party, which she does not want to go to, and there on the stairs she meets another little boy, who also finds it hard to make friends. All of a sudden she does not feel sad or lonely and a lovely friendship is begun.

As always Percival’s stories are accompanied with bold illustrations which show, often far better than the words, the emotional issues he is discussing in his delightful Big Bright Feelings series.

Meesha makes Friends is the  perfect book for classroom use to open a discussion on making friends, a great book to help children who are finding making friends difficult and the perfect medium to remind everyone that if you see someone sitting outside the group looking on, spend a little time to make them feel welcome.

Author Tom Percival
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN 9781526612953
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released September 2020