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Meet Mim

Five fabulous facts about the mimic Octopus,” is on the back page of this beautifully illustrated picture book, Meet Mim. It tells us the size, of the octopus, it’s hearts and blood component and where it lives. These facts give structure to a story which surprises with a tricky text.

When we first meet Mim, we discover where she lives, then we see her gliding along the sandy seabed. On the next page however, Mim is a totally different shape and colour, looking like a banded sea snake. How can this be? As we turn the pages it becomes clear that Mim is a skilled disguise artist. She can change her colour and shape to suit the environment, or as safety dictates.

The artwork in this book is realistic, delicate and tells a story of its own. One can certainly linger over the pages. The text is short, precise, and interesting. The art and text combine to present a comprehensive guide to the Mimic Octopus as well as a fascinating story. It is wonderful to see such quality in an informative and simple presentation. Meet Mim is just a joy to read.

Author Sandra Sevegnini
Publisher Exisle Publications
ISBN 9781922539557
Distributor EK Books/Exile Publications
Released August 2023