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Meet the Planets

What better way to take journey into space than to put on your space suit, jump into your rocket and set off to Meet the Planets one by one then have them tell you who they are, what they are made of, who is nice and who is really naughty, just so you know what those glowing, twinkling lights in the night skies are all about.

In this well constructed journey into space, young readers will have a huge amount of fun zooming around from planet to planet, as they get to know so much about the night skies which has been presented in rhyming text, with large, bright, easily understood illustrations, perfect for a wide age range and reading ability.

The first planet met is of course the Sun, who tells about being so hot you may frizzle and fry of you get to close, but also tells of all the good done with its warmth and light.  Venus looks beautiful, but is really one of those not so nice planets. Do you know why?

Moon: silver, mysterious and glorious, explains why you often see her during the daytime in her ghostly shape and why she often changes shapes and colours.

Saturn has so many sparkly rings she is can almost be considered as the planet of ‘bling’ and believes she is the Queen of the skies as she is so beautiful. But as you go further and further away from the sun you meet the two coldest planets of the lot, Uranus and Neptune, perfect in their worlds but sometimes they too, just like you, get a little lonely.

Meet the Planets is the perfect way to introduce young readers to the world of science with fun, read aloud text and of course, with the planets all dressed to impress, they are out to ensure that what they tell you about themselves is also pretty impressive.

AuthorCaryl Hart. Illustrations Bethan Woollvin
PublisherBloomsbury Children's Books
DistributorBloomsbury Children's Books
ReleasedMarch 2020