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Midnight Ninja

In the Biff, Bam, Zap, Crash, Hiyah world of the Midnight Ninja and his ginger cat, all children who love a rollicking good yarn, and of course their parents, will find themselves in a world of Ninja fun as they take on the baddies who only come out after midnight and for some strange reason seem to love socks!

Rhyming text and vibrant, loud, very loud, illustrations add to the huge amount of fun to be had as Midnight Ninja and his cat set out to discover where all the socks are mysteriously going too, and who is behind this dastardly plot!

When the ninja bell rings in the Ninja den, filled of course with very special gadgets, off they go to Baddy World finding themselves in the deepest of jungles where UH-OH, they discover who is responsible for this terrible deed.

But how to get the socks back and what to do about the very HUGE spider who has them is another challenge for the duo, as they pit their skills against the Spider King who is none to happy about being woken up from his lovely, deep, sleep!

Fantastic fun is to be had in the pages of this very active, fun filled rhyming action story, with of course, the right sound effects added as the pages are read, which will definitely ensure this is one story that get read over and over again.

Huge fun once again from the pen and paint brush of Sam Lloyd and the very secret world of the Midnight Ninja and his trusty sidekick, Ginger cat.

AuthorSam Lloyd
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedOctober 2019