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Morris the Mole

To produce a Children’s Picture Book of excellent quality, one needs a complete meshing of the story and the art work. The story needs to be exciting, interesting and fresh. The art work needs to support the story and add to it in many ways. The characters in the story need to be endearing, and they need a mission. Nicki has certainly captured these many facets and more. The Melbourne based author and artist has produced a wonderful story which will be beloved by many readers.

This tale tells of Morris the Mole. His passion is digging, and he has discovered many amazing treasures and food on his underground journey. Unfortunately, when he surfaces, he often disrupts activities on the ground, such as Ms Mousie’s birthday party, and the Bunnies vegetable shop. Then one day, he begins to surface from his digging and finds an impenetrable ceiling. It takes a massive effort for him to break down the barrier, much to the dismay of the animals who find the bottom gone from their swimming pool. Yes, the mole has misjudged his exit again! However, in the process of being exposed to the outside world, Morris makes another important discovery.

What a grand story this is. The language is lyrical, “With a twirl of his spade and a twitch of his nose, Morris makes tunnels wherever he goes.”  The art work expands on the language and ideas of the story and creates a humorous element. The exasperation shown by the other animals each time he surfaces is clearly to be seen in their faces, but their tolerance and care also shine through. The double page spreads show the progress of Morris’s tunnels and just what it is he finds underground.

This is a book for all ages to smile, read again and enjoy.

Author Nicki Greenberg
Publisher Allen and Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781760630829
Distributor Allen and Unwin Childrens
Released September 2018