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My Dog is a Winner

When Eric comes across his big, mean sister in tears, and then to top it all off, a few days later dancing about in her room with her teddy bear, he realises that although Gretchen is twenty years old, she needs some help to get out a bit more, to start being nicer to people, mainly him and Ugly, but what to do is the big question.

Eric, otherwise known as Ec or Eccles and Ugly, his big, wonderful, companion dog, and all round most wonderful dog ever, are back in their latest adventure, My Dog is a Winner but could this big hearted pair be facing their biggest challenge yet, as Gretchen really would have to be the hardest person to try and help, without making it look like they are trying to help!

But Ec is not going to let this stop him and Ugly trying to make her a lot happier and as Ugly is a companion dog, full of empathy for those in distress, he wants to use his wonderful canine instincts to help Gretchen feel better and not so terribly sad.

A meeting of Ec and his friends to discuss the best way forward sees a plan devised to not only help Gretchen, but also help Ugly and all his other doggy friends in the neighbourhood. As the plan needs the permission of the local Council, Eric and his grandfather need to go to a meeting with the Mayor to see if the Council will let Ec and his friends turn a local park into an off-leash park for dogs?

If that was not enough Eric realises that Ugly is not feeling too well, and seems to be suffering depression or Compassion Fatigue, as not only is Ugly the best dog in the world, he also works at the school as a companion dog, comforting Barnaby and now Maryam and listening to lots of the other children reading. No wonder he is feeling down!

Amongst everything going on in his life at the moment there is the Blue Ribbon event, annual Pet Show  at the school Fete and Ec feels totally convinced Ugly is going to win every category, grooming him, making him special smoothies and rehearsing with him over and over to make sure Ugly will do everything perfectly on the day.

My Dog is a Winner is a warm hearted story about caring, compassion, friendship and helping others by being kind, thoughtful and understanding; also about how sometimes, life does not always turn out as planned and being a true hero is not about how many medals we may win in life, or at the school Fete!

Author Elizabeth Fensham
Publisher University of Queensland Press (UQP)
ISBN 9780702262951
Distributor UQP
Released September 2020