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My Grateful Book

This delightful little book sets out to remind us that there is so much in our world, in our everyday life for which to be grateful: little things mostly, which because they are little things and part of our everyday life, we often tend to take for granted.

Through the eyes of a small child we are once again invited to be truly thankful for such things as a good meal on the table, a smile from a friend, a loved one or someone just passing bye, butterflies and rainbows, especially rainbows, because they are beautiful, can’t be touched and only last a fleeting moment in time.

Bright colourful illustrations add to the enjoyment of the story as each page contains something little, or a simple pleasure to enjoy through the eyes of a child.

So very often in our busy world we do forget to simply take the time to enjoy and be thankful for what we do so truly have in our lives.

My Grateful Book is lovely book to be read at any time .If you are reading it to your children or grandchildren, perhaps you could also find some more things in your own lives and add them to the list along with the good things that will happen again tomorrow.

Immensely enjoyable, this is a good book for little people, beginner readers, parents and grandparents alike and would also make an excellent book to be read in a school library or class room setting, as it is full of lovey points which would make excellent topics for discussion.

Author Diana Smith Illustrations: Sarah Jane Marchant
Publisher Diana Smith
ISBN 978-0-646-96020-3 .
Distributor Diana Smith
Released May 2017