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My welcome book

Following on from the very well received My Grateful Book, Diana Smith and Sarah Jane Marchant have once again teamed up to bring the delightful My Welcome Book to young readers and adults, with the lovely message embedded throughout the text that no matter what, YOU are always good enough.

The book commences with the joyous occasion of the birth of a child with ‘Welcome to our beautiful earth’ as the introductory line, which leads on, with the help of wonderfully bright, elegant and appealing illustrations, to begin the child’s journey and the wonderful gifts that make them so very special and unique.

A beautiful soul, your Spirit, kindness and the wonders to be discovered with your mind, amongst many other gifts all go to make you so very special.

Diana Smith also includes the aspects of a multi-cultural society, learning to always think BIG, not small and most importantly of all, to always celebrate your birthday every year as it is the road marker of your journey. She also offers the very sage advice that you always grow and learn from your mistakes, a salient little point we all need to remember.

Once again, a lovely book on several levels and one that will bring much enjoyment to little ones and not so little ones, as they join with baby to grow into big, strong person who shows kindness and tolerance to others.


Author Diana Smith. Illustrations: Jane Marchant
Publisher Picardi Press
ISBN 9780648153924
Distributor Diana Smith Books
Released September 2018