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Next Door’s Dog Goes To School

Roxie lives next door to Graces best friend Ella, and goes to school just like Grace and Ella do, because Roxie holds a very special place in Grace’s life, that of her best-est of best friends, as well as being a trained support dog who knows how to look after Grace when she becomes sick. Roxie is Medical Dog.

Grace is not very well; she can get sick very quickly and so it is very important there is someone with her all the time who can help when things start to go wrong. So that Grace can be like every other child, be able to go to school and play at the park with her friends, Roxie came to live with Grace and her family.

Soon it is time for Grace to be able to go to school. Of course, all the other children in the class are very curious as to why Grace needs to have Roxie with her at all times. Grace, with Roxie, go to the front of the class so the children can ask questions about Roxie, why she is needed and so many other interesting things.

But it is not until Grace becomes unwell in class, the children really begin to understand just how import Roxie’s role is in Grace’s life.

Written a in a sensitive and caring manner, Next Doors Dog Goes to School illustrates perfectly the very important role Service Dogs play in people lives, helping them to become integrated with the wider community. Because their role is so important it is necessary that children and adults understand the role these beautiful creatures play in the lives of their humans and know that when they are working, there are special rules that must be obeyed and understood.

Delightfully illustrated by Vivienne da Silva this is an ideal book for sharing in the classroom to promote understanding and acceptance of the very important role Service dogs play in the world of today.


Author Gina Dawson Illustrated by Vivenne Da Silva
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781760790523
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released February 2019