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Next Door’s Dog has A Job

Dogs are incredible creatures and have a natural ability to look out for others. This has been used over recent years to train so many of them for various forms of work, such as Guide Dogs and Support Dogs, which makes many of them very specials dogs, important to their humans in a way that allows so many to be able to live normal lives.

Gina Dawson and has been involved with support dogs for many years and understands the issues so many people not involved with either guide or support dogs are completely unaware of when these dogs are working.

She has created a beautiful story around Tom, his Dad, their neighbour Kate and her support dog Bailey, to help educate not just small children, but adults as well, to the importance of these dogs in the lives of so many people.

Tom is very impressed with Bailey’s lovely yellow coat that he wears whenever he goes out with Kate and wishes his dog Pepper could have one as well.

His father explains to him why Bailey needs to wear the coat, and why he is so important to Kate. He tells Tom, that although Kate does not look like she has anything wrong with her, she does and that having Bailey allows her to go to work and out in the community

Tom finally understands why Pepper can’t be a support dog and that support dogs have to be special dogs, trained into their role over a long time.

He and his Dad see Kate and Bailey at the Supermarket and Tom wants to go up and pat Bailey, but once again his father explains that when Bailey is working, he must not be distracted.

The text is such that it will appeal to young readers over a wide age range, using simple and easy to understand words and phrasings. Vivienne Da Silva has added her touch to the story with clear, colourful illustrations highlighting each of the points raised and discussed by Tom and his Dad.

Teacher, Caregiver and Educator notes are included at the back of the book, making it very easy to discuss with groups the importance of Service Dogs and their important role in today’s society

Author Gina Dawson Illustrated by Vivenne Da Silva
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781921024870
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released April 2018